MDS Coating


MDS Coating Technologies Corporation (MCT) develops and manufactures coatings for gas turbine engines used in the aerospace, commercial and defense industries. MCT has a dynamic and dedicated work force located in Slemon Park - Prince Edward Island, Montreal - Quebec and Washington - D.C.

MDS Coating Technologies works with partners, OEM's and users to respond to the specific challenges caused by erosive and corrosive environments.

With a commitment to excellence, MDS Coating Technologies has gained an industry reputation for delivering quality products, as evidenced by the Performance Research Institute awarding MCT the merit status for superior performance in Nadcap™ audits.

T64 Rainbow

"Rainbow" configuration illustrates the significant sand erosion of (alternating) uncoated blades compared to MCT coated blades.

MCT protective coatings, applied by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process, are so thin they do not impact the weight or dimensions of the parts, and are ideal for retrofit programs. Our nano-structured coatings are optimized for specific engine types and compressor stages to account for engine designs, materials and operating environments.